Culturally curated and presented by recognised Aboriginal educators.
Culturally curated and presented by recognised Aboriginal educators
Welcome to Australia’s leading online cultural awareness course

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The induction and training resource designed for your workplace.
  • Online platform – self-paced video modules
  • Average completion time is only 60 minutes
  • Brings your people together; listening and learning
With online video, we’ve revolutionised cultural training.

Yes, at last, staff induction is standardised, no matter the location of your staff. Even across an Australia-wide network, each workplace engages with the same e-learning course content.

By replicating the exact same training for every team member, you can ensure a higher level of homogeneity and conformity in your staff induction procedure.

This course consists of 12 professionally produced video modules.

Throughout this easy to follow course you will learn about the many challenges that Australia’s Indigenous people and the Torres Strait Islander people have faced since colonisation.

You will gain a better understanding of all Indigenous Australians in the workplace, and within the community in which you live.

It is the only online video based course in Australia that is nationally aligned and competency based. The course can be completed at work or at home and at a pace suitable for you.

It’s time for every Australian to learn our real story

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The stories you’ll watch in our videos – spoken by survivors of the stolen generation – clearly explain why Indigenous people face so many hurdles when entering the mainstream workforce. Thankfully, after the truth telling, the healing can begin. CATonline training helps bring your workforce together.

Become a force for change.

Across every measurable outcome – be it social, economic or health – a massive divide exists between our First Nations people and the rest of Australian society. Closing the gap is our aim.

When a child sees parents heading off to work, they see first-hand how self-determination and economic prosperity is achievable for every Australian. Yet, unfortunately, many Indigenous Australians still feel excluded from mainstream society. They’re isolated from the workforce and to the many privileges that white Australia take for granted.

With CATonline, you can step-up and address the issue. We will arm you with three very powerful weapons – education, awareness and understanding.

You will gain new insights into enduring societal attitudes. This knowledge helps you create an exciting new environment – an efficient workplace where all employees feel valued and thrive!

Why do Indigenous people feel excluded? CATonline helps to explain. Starting from colonisation, you’ll learn how nearly every single government policy relating to Aboriginal people failed. Worse still, many interventions – like removing children from families – resulted in immeasurable pain, loss and suffering. The resulting inter-generational trauma – felt by nearly every Aboriginal family – led to long term health issues and a toxic welfare cycle for many.

Our training course educates and inspires every participant, fostering greater awareness and understanding when interacting with our First Nations people.

Importantly, CATonline is developed upon a competence based learning model. To complete our course, each participant must pass a series of structured e-modules. This provides your organisation with transparency in terms of consistent, measurable learning outcomes.

At the end of the training, your management team can be confident that every staff member has achieved a foundational level of cultural competency and is ready to apply cultural awareness in practical ways.

Truth matters. Always has. Always will.


When preparing a tender for any major Government contract – even to pre-qualify – it’s increasingly necessary to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to Reconciliation.

Cultural awareness training is your first step to a meaningful Reconciliation Action Plan.

Do you have a staff induction procedure that’s fully aligned with Government procurement policy?

With CATonline, you can.