Classroom Training – versus – CATonline eLearning

This simple exercise directly compares the costs of two different companies; Company A chooses CATonline, while the other chooses traditional classroom training.

COMPANY ‘A’ with 200 Staff:

Chooses CATonline Training

200 Registrations for CAT Online eLearning

@ $49 each

Staff log-in when it suits them, usually during their designated downtime.

Total Cost to Employer: $9,800

COMPANY ‘B’ with 200 Staff:

Engages Face-to-face Training

Classroom Trainer onsite for 10 days = $30,000

Yet, only 20 people per classroom, so 10 days is required to train all 200 staff

200 Staff @ 8 hours = at least $56,000 downtime

Total Cost to Employer: $86,000

And that does not even include venue costs and logistics.


It costs at least $70,000 more (for every 200 staff) to complete training in the classroom!

Why is CATonline so affordable? Let’s compare.

Traditional Classroom Training

With face-to-Face learning, all staff must be on location at a set time.

  • The logistics of classroom training are expensive; more downtime, less productivity.
  • From day-to-day, classroom training can vary greatly in consistency and subject matter.
  • Staff are not always available to attend pre-scheduled classroom times.
  • Information retention in long classroom sessions is proven to be limited.
  • Employers with multiple work sites have difficulty getting uniform training.
  • Without a basic understanding of Indigenous culture in the first place, many staff struggle in a classroom setting.

Log into CATonline eLearning

Now your staff can visit our online platform at any time that suits them.

  • Simply log-in when you are ready: CATonline is available online 24/7/365.
  • CATonline has a measurable learning outcome: ensures staff get uniform training across multiple locations.
  • Easy to watch, informative and engaging Video modules vastly improves information retention.
  • CATonline can be done during staff downtime, or as part of standard induction prior to employment.
  • CATonline is compliant with all Commonwealth Indigenous procurement initiatives.
  • CATonline is Australia’s most cost-effective cultural awareness training platform
Change is in your hands.

Before this exciting technological innovation, cultural awareness training was delivered in a traditional classroom setting, with all staff present in the one room. This type of delivery is a very expensive investment for any business. Ensuring all staff are available to attend set times and locations creates mass downtime and a subsequent loss in productivity.

Yes, the total costs for conventional training really add up. Even more, you can never be 100% certain that all employees are receiving a solid educational outcome to justify the expense. One day’s class training is often different to the next.

Thankfully, those days are long gone. Now, CATonline ensures a measured learning outcome for all participants, while delivering significant cost savings and productivity gains at the same time.