There’s two Delivery Options

For most small-to-medium businesses, CATonline is delivered via logging into our website. Once registered, each participant simply enters their secure password and their training can start.

Alternatively, CATonline integrates with all SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems (LMS). Therefore, securely delivering our training via your own inhouse IT platform can be arranged.

Simple and convenient delivery via our Web Portal

Upon registration, your organisation receives a dedicated CATonline corporate account. This allows the designated Training Manager to distribute individual registration links to staff members.

Each staff member can then create their own personal user-account. From there, they can undertake the training course in their own time (or as required by the Training Manager).

Upon completion of CATonline training, a Certificate of Competency is available for each successful participant to download and print if required.

The Training Manager has the ability to monitor staff registrations and completion information. For convenience, this data is easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet with one simple click.

Moving forward, your account can be recharged at any time with additional registrations for new staff.  The process is simple and easy top follow step-by-step when you log-in. If required, more detailed instructions are supplied to make the training delivery simple.

Independently secure delivery via Scorm Compliant LMS

CATonline training is delivered in a SCORM V1.2 compliant package under a Master License Agreement for integration into all SCORM compliant LMS (Learning Management Systems).

SCORM Compliance ensures CATonline will be compatible with all industry standard Learning Management Systems.

For Learning and Development Managers employed at large organisations, CATonline offers robust integration capabilities and superior data management.

CATonline is delivered in 12 separate modules, optimising the bandwith limitations of most LMS. This allows staff to complete the entire 12 modules in one session, or complete individual modules over a period of time if work schedules are a priority.

The modules range in duration between 3-8 minutes making it easy for staff to complete as required.


Certified by Supply Nation, CATonline is 100% Indigenous owned and operated.