Sample Training Module

This demonstration video will play for approximately 3 minutes.

It is then followed by Sample Questions.

Please watch the video in its entirety so you can effectively answer the multiple-choice sample questions. When the video is complete, please click on the Questions » button to reveal the questions.

Watch Video Again

1. Evidence from Rock art specimens indicate Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for how long:
200 years
40,000 years
2,000 years
6,500 years
2. Aboriginal Dreamtime stories are practiced in:
All of these
3. Which laws governed early Aboriginal Society before Colonization?
Their own

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The emotional power of video.

The CATonline training course is built around professionally crafted, high-quality visual storytelling. With the support of premium voice narration, this emotionally charged video content completely engages the viewer.

By totally immersing each participant in the cultural context of each topic – including listening to raw and gut-wrenching stories from survivors of the stolen generation – a far greater level of information retention is achieved.

With a strong mind and a strong spirit, we can all make better decisions. Because only after the truth telling, can healing have a chance of beginning.

The CATonline course consists of 12 video modules. At the end of each module the participant is required to correctly answer a series of multiple choice questions relating to the course content. If you fail to answer all questions correctly you can redo the section until you are successful.

The entire 12 module CATonline course takes most participants about 60 minutes to complete.